Allergy Friendly

  • Allergy Free Cranberry Orange Muffins

    November 27, 2019Smile Cafe

    Here’s our take on allergy free Cranberry Orange Muffins! The cranberries are deliciously tangy and the sweet orange zest gives a lively zing to these tasty muffins. This recipe is pretty quick to whip up with the kiddos, and WOW, will your kitchen smell delightful. The combination of baking soda and vinegar is what makes…

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  • Cozy Squash Soup

    November 17, 2019Smile Cafe

    With the days getting cooler and fall produce in full swing it’s cozy squash soup season and we couldn’t be happier! This recipe delivers big on flavor with sweet fried onions, warming ginger, curry spice and creamy squash and coconut cream. Our soup makes for a filling, healthy and colourful lunch, and is straightforward for…

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  • No Nut Butter Cups

    October 19, 2019Smile Cafe

    Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means? A ton of peanut based candy will be doing the rounds. The non-food, trick-or-treat teal pumpkin initiative is really gaining steam which is SO awesome. However if you’re kids are at all curious about their own wow/seed butter cups we’ve got a great recipe for…

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  • Dairy free Cinnamon Rolls

    October 12, 2019Smile Cafe

    Who doesn’t LOVE cinnamon rolls, I mean come on, they’re practically the best comfort food out there. All that cinnamon and sweetness wrapped up in a warm doughy twirl. It’s our idea of baking greatness. Our Dairy free Cinnamon Rolls are our take on classic Cinnamon rolls but without all that egg, butter, dairy milk…

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  • Choco-riffic Cookies

    October 5, 2019Smile Cafe

    Our Choco-riffic Cookies are the perfect mix of rich chocolate with a hint of salt (from the margarine). They’re perfectly crumbly and have yummy pops of cornflakes to hold it all together! There’s a bit of mixing involved, but with only six top 7 allergen free ingredients they’re a breeze to make with the kiddos…

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  • Festive Fall Pumpkin Pudding

    September 28, 2019Smile Cafe

    What better way to kick off fall than to make an allergy friendly pumpkin pudding with a healthy dose of festive flare! Our version of pumpkin pudding avoids the common hangups of pumpkin pie. With a yummy crunchy crumble and a light and creamy pumpkin filling that has just the right amount of spice, it’s…

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  • Lavish Lemon Tart

    September 18, 2019Smile Cafe

    For those special occasions or just for when you’re feeling a little bit fancy give our allergy friendly take on a classic lemon tarts a go. The kids allergy free lemon tart starts with a naturally sweetened crumb. It’s a cinch to blend together and fun for the kids to push around the base of…

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  • Healthy Fall Muffins

    September 14, 2019Smile Cafe

    Who can think of a better way to make use of the fall vegetables?! Not us! These moist and vegetable-rich muffins are simple to make and heaven to eat. Packed with Zucchini and carrot, and naturally sweetened in-part with banana and apple sauce they taste like carrot cake but are actually healthy. Kids will enjoy…

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  • Sensational Sausage Rolls

    September 8, 2019Smile Cafe

    Sensational allergy friendly sausage rolls are a huge hit with kids and adults alike! It requires a little time to put these together, but are so fun for kids to construct, think edible playdough creations! Sausage rolls are a great savory alternative to a classic cookie and are easy to pop into a school lunch…

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  • Funfetti Sugar Cookie Recipe

    September 3, 2019Smile Cafe

    These fun and colourful allergy-friendly funfetti sugar cookie recipe will bring a smile to everyone’s faces! Who can resist a classic sugar cookie, especially with a good dose of FUNfetti sprinkled in. Free from dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, sesame, and any type of seafood. They’re a real crowd pleasers if you have food…

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