• Egg Free Lovely Lamingtons

    Lamingtons are a classic childhood dish, fun to bake, delightfully colourful and delish as a lunch kit treat or desert. Chocolate lamingtons are more common, but we prefer our fruit flavoured and coloured Egg Free Lovely Lamingtons for maximum allergy inclusive fun times! Our Egg Free Lovely Lamington recipe is naturally egg free, but also dairy, peanut, tree nut, sesame, soy, seafood free and can be made vegan (see the notes section). Making light and fluffy egg-free sponge was no easy task, but with one of our favourite egg substitutes (aquafaba), some fine grain flours, and about a dozen failed attempts we eventually got there. These colourful cubes of allergy friendly fun can be made to suit party themes (coloured jello), and their size is…

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  • Smile Cafe - Dairy free macaroni cups

    Dairy Free Creamy Macaroni Cups

    Dairy free creamy macaroni cups is a creative allergy free alternative to a traditional mac and cheese. This is a really easy recipe for kids to make, our girl loves…

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  • Smile Cafe best allergy free gingerbread cookie recipe

    Best Allergy Free Gingerbread Cookies

    Winter holidays aren’t truly festive without the best allergy free gingerbread cookies baking, making your house smell wonderful and your little ones tummies happy! We’ve been perfecting this recipe for…

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  • Smile Cafe Cranberry Orange allergy friendly muffin recipe for kids

    Allergy Free Cranberry Orange Muffins

    Here’s our take on allergy free Cranberry Orange Muffins! The cranberries are deliciously tangy and the sweet orange zest gives a lively zing to these tasty muffins. This recipe is…

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  • Allergy free Cozy Squash Soup

    Cozy Squash Soup

    With the days getting cooler and fall produce in full swing it’s cozy squash soup season and we couldn’t be happier! This recipe delivers big on flavor with sweet fried…

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  • Nut free, no nut butter cup recipe for kids

    No Nut Butter Cups

    Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means? A ton of peanut based candy will be doing the rounds. The non-food, trick-or-treat teal pumpkin initiative is really gaining…

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  • Diary free cinnamon rolls recipe for kids

    Dairy free Cinnamon Rolls

    Who doesn’t LOVE cinnamon rolls, I mean come on, they’re practically the best comfort food out there. All that cinnamon and sweetness wrapped up in a warm doughy twirl. It’s…

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  • Choco-riffic Allergy Friendly Cookie Recipe

    Choco-riffic Cookies

    Our Choco-riffic Cookies are the perfect mix of rich chocolate with a hint of salt (from the margarine). They’re perfectly crumbly and have yummy pops of cornflakes to hold it…

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  • Festive Fall Pumpkin Pudding

    What better way to kick off fall than to make an allergy friendly pumpkin pudding with a healthy dose of festive flare! Our version of pumpkin pudding avoids the common…

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  • Lavish Lemon Tart

    For those special occasions or just for when you’re feeling a little bit fancy give our allergy friendly take on a classic lemon tarts a go. The kids allergy free…

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